We offer a variety of garment imprint methods most common being

Screen Printing, Digital Heat Transfer & Embroidery.

Screen Printing



Digital Heat Transfer

digital Heat transfer (CAD - Sticker Like)






You might be thinking, why do I need Custom T-Shirts?

Well here's 5 reasons why....

1. Marketing 

Everytime someone wears your shirt to go shopping, or jogging, to the

gym or a social gathering or convention, there're marketing your brand.

2. Team Spirit 

     Studies have shown that uniforms can increase employees' self confidence,

    and enhance their credibility, as well as increasing job satisifaction. 

The same can be said for sports teams.  Uniforms gives the sense of unity, and togetherness that helps to boost team morale which shows in their performance.

3. Customer Loyalty

                       Use custom-t-shirts to keep your brand in the minds of your best

                                             customers at all times.

4. Rewards 

         People love to receive rewards or win prizes. 

Give them a free custom t-shirt in return for getting them to do something

beneficial for you, or just give them away as your way of saying

'thank you for you business.'

5. Revenue

You can sell your custom t-shirts to make money for your buisness, team or

 event. Whether personally or online you can generate income by selling your

 'wearable' brand.


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